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"The snazzy shoes, big smile, gregarious laugh and welcoming arms are the epitome of Richard Walker: a true master of connecting others through selfless purpose and drive."

- Kim Skanson – President, Cargill

The Mirror Within: Embracing Self-Awareness for Effective Leadership

    • Understanding the concept of self-awareness and its relevance in leadership
    • Benefits of self-awareness in decision-making, communication, and building relationships
    • Techniques and practices for developing self-awareness as a leader
    • Real-life examples illustrating the transformative power of self-awareness
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Relationship Equity as a Competitive Advantage:

  • How Relationship Equity can differentiate organizations in competitive markets.
  • Exploring the impact of Relationship Equity on customer loyalty, referrals, and brand reputation.
  • How Relationship Equity can drive sustainable growth and long-term competitive advantage.

Values-Driven Culture: Aligning Organizational Values with Business Objectives:

    • Exploring the role of values in shaping organizational culture and guiding decision-making.
    • Strategies for defining, communicating, and embedding core values throughout the organization.
    • Examples of organizations that have successfully built a values-driven culture that aligns with their business objectives.
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Richard Walker; a true master of connecting others through selfless purpose and drive. I have watched Richard for over two decades build relationships where people feel truly valued, inspired to connect with other and give back to make the communities they come from a better place. What you see is what you get with Richard…a genuine, charismatic leader who puts the value of a relationship before everything else…..our world is a better because of him and “Relationship Equity” is a masterful composition of doing just that.

Richard has taken time to get to know me and to connect me to others whom he thought might be helpful with whatever I was addressing. In return, I have gladly given my time for introductions to help others and develop individuals at all levels in his network. have found it incredibly rewarding to help him in the work he does for our youth and younger professionals. He is a pebble in the ocean of relationships. He has no idea of the distance and size of the ripples he has created … they have crossed the ocean many times over. Thank you, Richard.

The consummate relationship-builder, Richard Walker has built a career (and a life) through his innate ability to connect with others. His colorful personality, flashy wardrobe, and self-deprecating sense of humor may initially get your attention, but one soon discovers that beneath the surface lies a man of real substance.  As authentic, humble, unselfish, and caring as they come, Richard epitomizes what it means to be a servant leader, and I’m thrilled Richard has chosen to share his insights and perspectives on relationship-building with us all.