Much has been written about relationships for countless years. I even considered not writing a book about this very topic for that reason. However, when you couple the words “relationship” and “equity”, it creates curiosity with how they go together and creates a whole different way of evaluating the importance of intentionally fostering relationships. I came up with this term many years ago as it became very apparent that if one is intentional about fostering the “right” relationships in the right way, good things happen. And, the more equity that’s earned in a relationship, the better off both parties are for it.

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Relationship Equity Unboxing - Richard sees his book for the first time!


Relationship Equity : The Cornerstone to Improving Work and Life offers a game plan not only for good business but for good living. I believe companies should strive to do good while also doing well. This book provides a roadmap for leveraging relational equity growth, which ultimately will lead to business and professional growth.

- Richard Walker York Solutions CEO