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Richard Walker, CEO of York Solutions is a visionary leader empowering IT solutions and giving back. His inspiring journey from a bricklaying apprentice to a successful entrepreneur began in the picturesque town of Settle, England. Despite facing challenges, Richard pursued a degree in physical education, but fate led him to the United States in 1994 with his American wife. Embracing an opportunity as an IT recruiter in St. Louis, MO, he co-founded York Solutions, transforming businesses with innovative IT solutions. Richard's commitment to excellence expanded their reach to Minneapolis in 2000 and led to the creation of Think IT, offering free professional development services. He passionately supports York's Barriers to Entry program, benefiting non-traditional IT professionals. Richard's philanthropy extends to Genesys Works and Holes for Hope, making a positive impact in the community.
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“Richard is  proud to be the CEO of an organization that can do good while we do well.  "What you see is what you get with Richard…a genuine, charismatic leader who puts the value of a relationship before everything else…..our world is a better place because of him and “Relationship Equity” is a masterful composition of doing just that.”

Kim Skanson – President, Cargill


“Many people probably wonder if this guy is for real. Why does he want to help me? What is in it for him? Helping others is what gets him up in the morning. It is in his soul. [...] Richard likes to say we do well by doing good. Truth is, he thrives on helping others succeed in life and business. I have no doubt Relationship Equity will have a profound impact on those who read it.”

Bill Carr - Chairman of the Board, York Solutions


CEO - York Solutions

Richard Walker is a man who takes his business very seriously, but does not take himself very seriously. York Solutions is an IT Advisor that helps change the way IT delivers value to the business so you can change the way IT delivers value to the world.

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Richard brings a touch of fun into his life through his wardrobe, particularly with his collection of whimsical sock designs. He inspires those around him to add whimsy to their day in various ways including playful socks into their daily attire.

The mission at York Solutions is to positively impact the lives of everyone that crosses our path. Richard lives this mission out to the fullest.

Changing people's lives

Genesys Works

Genesys Works is an organization is especially near to the heart of  Richard, as he sits on the board. Genesys Works is a non-profit organization that enables underserved high school students to break through barriers and discover that they can succeed as professionals in the corporate world through meaningful work experience.

Do the right thing


Richard leads Think IT, a no-cost national professional development association with over 6000 members, designed to bring a diverse set of minds in the IT industry together to discuss common business and technology challenges across industries in a non-competitive, collaborative space.

Positive Impact

Genesys work golf event

Richard started a foundation that has raised over $1.2 million  in scholarship funds for Genesys Works participants through York Solutions' annual golf event.

Holes Fore Hope

Holes for Hope

Holes Fore Hope was formed as a tribute to assist Golf and Country Club management professionals (or their dependents) who incur overwhelming expenses due to medical hardship without comprehensive insurance or adequate financial resources. Holes Fore Hope is unique in its approach to philanthropy because of its focus on the most important asset in the club business its “employees.” Holes Fore Hope members are grounded in the belief that the game of golf has given them more than they can give back to the game. In the spirit of gratitude and grace they are committed to investing in those who’ve made a career in the business.

Bricklayer to business owner.

Richard comes from humble beginnings. He began his career as a bricklayer in a small town in Northern England where he learned Relationship Equity is the cornerstone to strong business and a fulfilling life.

"He is a pebble in the ocean of relationships. He has no idea of the distance and size of the ripples he has created ... they have crossed the ocean many times over. Thank you, Richard.

John Naylor – CEO, Medica

Richard bricklaying

This picture is Richard with his father.

Hello Richard Golf Richard

Vibrant & Authentic

"The consummate relationship-builder, Richard Walker has built a career (and a life) through his innate ability to connect with others. His colorful personality, flashy wardrobe, and self-deprecating sense of humor may initially get your attention, but one soon discovers that beneath the surface lies a man of real substance. As authentic, humble, unselfish, and caring as they come, Richard epitomizes what it means to be a servant leader, and I’m thrilled Richard has chosen to share his insights and perspectives on relationship-building with us all."

Jeff Tollefson – President & CEO, Minnesota Technology Association

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