Relationship Equity



Relationship Equity



About the book

Think of Relationship Equity as an investment. When you open yourself up to relationships that expand your world, wealth tends to grow organically.

Without those meaningful relationships, you suffer an immeasurable opportunity cost. 

This book teaches the importance of building deeper, lasting relationships that can enrich your life in ways that are more profound than a bigger bank account.

Richard Walker, York Solutions CEO


Mark W. Murphy

Executive Vice President and Chief Information & Digital Officer, 3M

Relationship Equity isn’t just a book, it’s how Richard approaches life.  As a recipient of Richard’s relationship equity I know firsthand the impact this has had on me and so many others.  In Relationship Equity, Richard reveals the principles that propelled his success personally and professionally.  From his humble beginnings to his successful career, his story can be your playbook.   


François Charette

Enterprise CTO, Optum

Richard is one of the most successful and generous leaders I have ever met. In his book, Relationship Equity, he reveals the secret behind his remarkable achievements: building strong and lasting relationships with everyone he meets. This book is not only a fascinating story of his journey from bricklayer to CEO, but also a practical guide on how to create meaningful connections in life and business. If you want to learn from the best, read this book. You won't regret it. 

An act of service,

an expression of gratitude,

a desire to reciprocate—it

often starts that way,

small and slow, and then it grows. 

That’s how Relationship Equity works.

Richard Walker,
York Solutions CEO